Terms and conditions


Types of donation

Donations of € 30 or more receive a certificate of “Friend of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection”.
To donate € 100 or more a copy of the donor’s DNI or equivalent identity document must be provided.

Account number for donations by bank transfer:
IBAN: ES21 2100 0818 9202 0092 3659


Natural persons:

Up to € 150 allows a deduction of 50 % from IRPF with a limit of 10 % of the taxable income.
From € 150 and above a 27.5 % deduction from IRPF is permitted.

Legal persons:

May deduct 35 % from corporate tax with a limit of 10% of the net tax base.
Natural and Legal persons not resident in Spain may also benefit from tax rebate on donations according to the legislation in their respective countries of residence.
Donations made in two consecutive financial years (2 years) entitles:
Individuals to a 70 % rebate for up to € 150 and 35 % thereafter.
Legal persons to a 40 % rebate.

The Aula Film Foundation – J.M. Queraltó Collection may request personal information from donors through its website for administrative purposes. Therefore, the use of the website to send a donation implies that the donor has read and accepted our policy on privacy and donations.

Through our portal you can make two types of donation: single and monthly donations. Single donations can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
Monthly donations can be made by bank transfer or through an automated debit charge to the donor’s account.

Minimum donation and required documentation:
The minimum accepted donation is € 30.

Under the current law on the prevention of money laundering, donations of € 100 or more imply an obligation for the donor to provide a copy of his or her DNI or equivalent identity document.

Account number for donations by bank transfer:
IBAN: ES21 2100 0818 9202 0092 3659

Cancellations or refunds of single donations are not accepted. With regard to monthly donations, cancellation will be accepted if and when it is communicated to the Foundation 15 days in advance of the next scheduled payment. Debits shall be made on 5th of every month.

To cancel a monthly donation, the Foundation must be contacted in writing via email to info@aquestforadream.com in sufficient time as specified above with the subject line “CANCELLATION MONTHLY DONATION”.

Instructions to follow after making a donation

Once your donation is processed, you will receive an email indicating that the Foundation has received notice of your collaboration. If you require a physical receipt of the donation for tax purposes, please contact us and we will provide this. Please note that all donations to the Aula Film Foundation – Josep M. Queraltó Collection for donors with fiscal residence in Spain permit a tax rebate on IRPF (for natural persons) or corporate tax (for legal persons). In the case of donations from abroad, the tax implications are defined by the laws of each country. There is more information on tax deductions at the bottom of the donation form.

Collection and processing of information from donors

See the legal notice for information concerning the processing of data supplied to us by donors. All data provided via the donation form will be collected and stored in a file pertaining to the Aula Film Foundation – J.M. Queraltó Collection and will be processed solely for accounting purposes and to send to the donor, on request, a receipt corresponding to his or her donation.

Further information

For additional information or to make further inquiries regarding our donations and privacy policy, please contact us at info@aquestforadream.com

Notes on tax benefits relating to donations made to the Aula Film Foundation – Josep M. Queraltó Collection by persons with tax residence in Spain

Please note that these donations can be deducted from your income tax (for natural persons) or your corporate tax (for legal persons):

For natural persons (individuals), a rebate of 50 % of any amount up to € 150 donated may be claimed from your total income tax (IRPF) bill, with a limit of 10 % of the net tax base. For amounts over € 150 the rebate applicable is 27.5 %.

For legal persons (companies), a tax rebate of 35 % of any amount donated may be claimed, with a limit of 10 % of the net tax base.

Natural and legal persons not resident in Spain but earning income in the country are also eligible for tax benefits on any donations made. If you are in this situation contact us for further information on tax rebates of which you may take advantage.

Remember that we need the details of your DNI or NIF (personal or fiscal identity documents) to be able to inform the tax authorities of the amounts of any contributions and donations you have made. Similarly, under the current legislation, for donations of € 100 you must send us a scanned copy of your DNI or equivalent identity document.

Finally, please note that if you make donations of equal or increasing value to our Foundation over two consecutive years, for the following year the applicable tax rebate will be even higher (75 % for the first € 150 and 35 % on the remainder for Individuals; 40 % for companies). For more information don’t hesitate to call!

All donors to the Foundation will receive a certificate of the title of “Friend of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection”.


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