Crowdfunding / Micro mecenazgo “Juan Mariné. Un siglo de cine”

We are working with institutions, associations, companies and professionals from the audiovisual sector to make a documentary that does justice to the great cinematographer and film restorer Juan Mariné in his centenary.

This documentary, “Juan Mariné. A century of cinema”, not only wants to vindicate the professional and human figure of Mariné but also the effort and work carried out by all the professionals of Spanish cinema from the reign of Alfonso XIII through the Second Republic, the Civil War, the dictatorship, the transition to the arrival of democracy.

Juan Mariné is the only living professional who has been able to overcome all kinds of vicissitudes at different times in his life and in the history of Spain.

In these difficult times that we are all experiencing due to the global pandemic, Juan Mariné represents resistance and survival since he survived the Civil War, escaped from concentration camps in the south of France, was imprisoned when he returned to Spain, He overcame and integrated into the film industry as a director of photography, participating in many of the emblematic films of Spanish cinema, among them, “La gata”, the first film in Eastmancolor and Cinemascope that was made in Spain, “La gran familia”, “El pescador de coplas”, “Historias de la televisión”, “Los chicos del Preu”, “El ruiseñor de las cumbres” and “La ciudad no es para mí”, filming on different continents and participating in international co-productions.

Parallel to his career as a director of photography, he dedicated himself to the research of cinematographic technique, inventing the Mariné format to achieve high definition and improving the capture of light on celluloid. When he retired as a cinematographer he intensified his work as a restorer recovering the cinematographic heritage of our country by inventing, among other things, the film washing machine. Currently Juan Mariné continues to go to the laboratory that he has in the basement of the ECAM in Madrid.

For all these reasons, we launched a crowdfunding/micro-patronage to make this necessary documentary a reality so that the general public knows the effort and worth of this great professional who loves cinema above all and on the other hand a tribute to Spanish cinema and its professionals.

Crowdfunding / micro-patronage conditions

1-Donations can be made directly through the Aula de Cine Fundación Josep M. Queraltó Collection account at CaixaBank IBAN: ES21 2100 0818 9202 0092 3659 or through the foundation’s website in the donations tab via Pay Pal or credit card (

2-Donations made by both systems will have tax relief and to make it effective, whoever makes the donation will have to send their tax information (full name, ID, address, email) to the e-mail

3-Donations can range from 10 euros to the amount you wish to contribute.

4- Donors of €150 or more will have the right to have a diploma that accredits them as Friends of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection, which will be done in Catalan, Spanish or English and the document will be sent to them by email.

5-There will be different previews and showings of the documentary that all donors will be able to attend.

6-Those who contribute from €150 or more will be able to attend the premieres of the documentary in Madrid or Barcelona.

7-Up to €150 donation, the tax reduction is 80%. From 150 euros, 35% may be deducted for the first three years, with a limit of 10% of the taxable base. From the fourth year onwards, the tax reduction becomes 40%.

8-This crowdfunding / micro patronage aims to raise €60,000

Watch the documentary trailer HERE