Josep M. Queraltó Receives the Segundo de Chomón Prize

On 13 November 2014 Josep M. Queraltó received the Segundo de Chomón Prize that the Spanish Film Academy awards gives to “entities or persons that make significant technical contributions to the development of the film industry”. So says the plaque presented to Queraltó by Enrique González Macho, President of the Academy, in a heartfelt and memorable ceremony held at its headquarters in Madrid. The initial and sincere words from González Macho, whose passion for film has also led him to collect cinematographic memorabilia, were to congratulate Josep Maria on his receipt of the award and also to confess a healthy feeling of envy toward the extensive Queraltó Collection, one of the most significant in Europe with more than 20,000 pieces.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd, Josep M. Queraltó declared his appreciation for the award to the President, Director, Board and members of the Academy and for the impressive public turnout. He concluded by saying that there were museums of cinema in all the great European capitals and, as such, Spain also deserved a museum dedicated to the world of cinema and audiovisual technology.