The exhibition “Modernism: the birth of cinema” arrives in Terrassa (Barcelona)

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The Fundación Aula de Cine Colección Josep M. Queraltó has organized “Modernism, the birth of Cinema”, an exhibition exploring the early days of film technology from May 10 to June 2 of 2019 in Sala Muncunill of Terrassa (Barcelona). This exhibition presents some of the most important inventions and objects from the history of the Seventh Art, all authentic jewels from the Josep M. Queraltó Collection, one of the most important private film and audiovisual collections in Europe.

Cinema, the radio, and television are inventions directly linked to modernism because they represent this social opening and approach of the media, information, and art to society in general. The seventh art had the opportunity to be shown to the public thanks to the modernist movement. We also consider is appropriate to present the exhibition “Modernism: the birth of cinema” coinciding with the celebration of the Modernist Fair (May 10, 11 and 12) that Terrassa has celebrated for 17 years and taking into account that since 2018 it has the Creative City of Cinema distinction by UNESCO, the only one that has this recognition in Spain.

Josep M. Queraltó: guardian of the cinematic arts

Born in Vallbona de les Monges (Lleida), and founder –of Kelonik, a leading company in the manufacture of film equipment-, Josep M. Queraltó is the owner of one of the most important private cinema and audiovisual collection in Europe, that exceeds 20,000 pieces, from chines shadows until the cinematographe of Lumière brothers covering all the analog age. A dream that Josep M. Queraltó wants to come true: transform his collection in a historical, educational and interactive museum for all audiences.

Josep M. Queraltó

Primer prototipo inglés de televisor, año 1907

First English prototype of television, the year 1907