Donations are used to perform different activities related to the principles of the Foundation, where they may be conferences, workshops, exhibitions and any type of initiative serving to promote the technical aspect of cinema and audiovisual production as well as to preserve the cinematographic heritage of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection.

N.P.: Up to €250 donation, fiscal deduction is of 80%. From 250 euros, 40% can be deducted for the first three years, with a limit of 10% of the taxable base.

Account number for donations by bank transfer:
IBAN: ES21 2100 0818 9202 0092 3659

The Statutes of the Foundation are governed by the following principles:

1. The Foundation is established with the purpose of creating an educational and interactive museum space for use by the general public, comprising more than 20,000 items of film-related material brought together over the past 35 years by Josep M. Queraltó.
2. To raise awareness of the heritage of the technological history of motion pictures and cinema.
3. To make the Collection available to educational purposes, which shall be addressed to all those with a desire to work in areas related to cinema.
4. To draw up on past research and studies for the inspiration and creation of new technologies for future generations.
5. To demonstrate the technological influence that certain technical aspects of cinema have had in other technical areas.
6. To draw attention to the fact that cinema is a technical as well as an artistic practice.

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Donations of 150€ or more to the Foundation will receive a certificate of the title of “Friend of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection”.