Inaugurated the exhibition “Barcelona, the facade of cinema. The origins of the seventh art” in Brussels

On the 22 of February, the exhibition “Barcelona, the facade of cinema – The origins of the seventh art” was inaugurated in Espai Catalunya-Europa in Brussels (Belgium), an exhibition that shows the link of the catalan city with cinema from its origins. A quarantine of watercolors from the first exhibition theaters in the city of Barcelona, three cameras of the beginning films and 12 photographs of key objects at the birth of the cinema, let to the visitor the opportunity to know the history of the theaters from Barcelona embodied in beautiful paintings and the evolution of the cinematographic technique.

In the opening ceremony, the owner of the collection, Josep M. Queraltó, Jordi S. Bonet, of Fundación Aula de Cine Colección Josep M. Queraltó, that made brief speeches, Amadeu Altafaj, representative of the Generalitat de Catalunya to the European Union, and Jan Runge, CEO of Union Internationale des Cinémas / International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), an entity with which the Foundation signed a collaboration agreement in 2016.

La Fundación Aula de Cine Colección Josep M. Queraltó has selected these pieces to explain the more social face of the cinematographic history of Barcelona. Through the watercolors painted by the Catalan artist Josep Marfà, make a tour of the beginnings of the cinemas of the city, from cinemas such as  Roxy, Beliograff, Reina Victoria, Comercio and Capitol, until Verdi, Savoy, Excelsior and Comedia. These paintings are part of the Josep M. Queraltó Collection, considered one of the most important private collections in Europe, with over 20,000 pieces.

The three cameras exposed are an André Debrie, mod. Le Parvo 35mm from the 1910s (France), which belonged to Ricardo de Baños, a pioneer of Catalan cinema who made the first filming in motion in Spain and consisted of placing his camera on a tram that made a tour From Paseo de Gracia to beyond the Plaza Lesseps; A Gaumont of 60 mm of 1902 (France), unique model because it was a prototype that finally was not commercialized; And a 35 mm Ernemann-Werke from 1916 (Germany).

This exhibition, the first international organized by Fundación Aula de Cine Colección, in Europe, in the area where the main buildings of the European Union are located, it has also the collaboration of UNIC and the Acadèmia del Cinema Català. It will remain open until April 5, 2017.

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